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Magento services

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  1. Magento Security Patch Installation

    To protect Magento website from possible hacker attacks and make your system much more quick new patches are regularly released. It’s very important to install Magento security patches to keep your data safe. All security patches installation is ver complex that requires specific knowledge and influences the work of the whole website. This is the reason why we need a professional team process it.
  2. Magento Extensions Installation

    The installation Magento extensions is a complex process that can be conflict with theme or other extensions. To solve this problem we use a professional process to sure that everything is ok and don't have anything broken your website.
  3. Magento Customization Services

    Magento is the best choice for all store owner who are looking to get successful online ecommerce business. In case of magento customization services to have depth expertise person is required. M2branch is one of best team with skilled as well as qualified teams for Magento customization services. Our teams are updated with all the latest technology to deliver the most technology expected result for your project. With many professional developer have a lot of experiences about Magento we can finish your project quickly and best quality
  4. Magento Optimization Services

    As you know Magento is the best open source to build an ecommerce website but every people talk that it is so slow and to improve it we have to optimize website and optimize server. Optimize interface and html code help the level of your site is better on all search engine. Optimize server will improve performance for store have many product and speed up website.
  5. Magento Support & Maintenance Services

    We can support & maintain your Magento® store and make sure it is updated and secure, add some features, install extensions, optimize speed and structure your Magento® website and do on-going development. Our team with 5 years experiences in development Magento will become part of your team to help you streamline your eCommerce business.
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5 Item(s)